Coaching for Incubators & VC’s

small_group3 TYPES OF COACHING

Dynamic Speaking offers three kinds of coaching programs for Incubators and Venture Capitalists (VC’s). Each program is designed to help the entrepreneurs you work with improve their communication and presentation skills while boosting their confidence as a speaker.


One-on-one coaching is designed for CEO’s of startups who want or need fully customized coaching. We focus on helping them create effective pitches, tell their story in a compelling manner, and demonstrate the enthusiasm and passion they have for their product or service.

2. SMALL GROUP coaching

Best suited for startup management teams or CEO’s who are willing to share their pitches with like-minded colleagues. With groups of two to four individuals, these workshops teach a variety of communication techniques, while creating a cohort of trusted feedback partners that will last beyond the program.


Large group workshops are ideal for providing communication training to an entire cohort of people who are at the same level, such as a large group of entrepreneurs. The length and content of the workshops can be tailored to fit your needs.

Dynamic Speaking offers tailored coaching to Entrepreneurs, Contractors, and individuals seeking to improve their communication skills and boost confidence. For small businesses and teams, we hold small group workshops within your business or organization.

Benefits for Incubators & VC’s

  • – Build effective pitch and presentation skills in CEO’s
  • – Help CEO’s connect with their intended audience
  • – Strengthen the stories of your startups
  • – Reduce startup teams’ nerves and boost confidence
  • – Demonstrate CEO’s credibility and passion
  • – Help startups present the right amount of information