Coaching for Businesses & Teams

Businessman showing a plan of work on blackboard, business team listen him.3 TYPES OF COACHING

Dynamic Speaking offers three kinds of coaching programs for Businesses and Teams. Each program is designed to help you or your team improve your communication and presentation skills while boosting your confidence as a speaker.


One-on-one coaching is designed for members of the C-Suite, high-level Directors/Managers, or individuals who want or need fully customized coaching. We focus on enhancing your natural strengths and working through your challenges to help you become a better communicator and leader.

2. SMALL GROUP coaching

Best suited for teams of two to four people at a similar level, small group workshops focus on teaching a variety of communication techniques, while creating a cohort of trusted feedback partners that will last beyond the program.


Large group workshops are ideal for providing communication training to an entire cohort of people who are at the same level, such as a large incoming analyst class. The length and content of the workshops can be tailored to fit your needs.


Benefits for Businesses & Teams

  • – Be seen as a leader and key contributor
  • – Earn trust and credibility to manage projects and clients
  • – Reach audiences with limited technical knowledge
  • – Create pitches for new and established clients
  • – Bring clarity to circular meetings
  • – Develop networking skills