One-on-One Coaching

Businessman showing a plan of work on blackboard, business team listen him.This private coaching program is best for individuals who want the most personalized attention.  We work weekly to meet your goals and tackle your specific communication challenges while developing your own authentic communication style.  This program can be conducted in-person or remotely via videoconference.

The Signature Program

The Signature Program is our most popular coaching program.  The participant and coach discuss which aspects of communication would be most relevant, and then the program is tailored to fit your specific needs and interests.  Meetings run one hour per week for 10 weeks, which increases accountability and allows time for habits to change. Communication topics are dissected into smaller parts, and then re-combined periodically to provide a more holistic and comprehensive program and foster long-term change.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching provides on-going support over a period of at least six months.  This partnership is best for people who are relatively comfortable with their speaking and communication skills, but would like to continue to improve gradually over time.  These meetings tend to focus on strategic communication in addition to general communication skills, and can be used to prepare for specific talks, panels, or presentations.

Custom Programs 

Custom Programs are also available if you have a particular need that is not met by one of the other programs.  Let us know if you have a specific goal, timeline, or budget, and we can design a custom program for you!