Our Services

small_groupOur services range from one-on-one, high-touch coaching to large speaking engagements and interactive workshops.  We offer in-person and remote coaching on a wide variety of communication topics.

The benefits of communication coaching last well beyond the program.  Coaching can help you improve your productivity and efficiency (getting more done in less time), expand your client base (increasing clients and revenue), and enhance your interpersonal relationships (with teams, colleagues, clients, and more).

Our approach is simple.  We combine tailored and practical coaching with an honest and direct style.  We ask questions to understand your goals, your organization and your lifestyle so that we can provide coaching that matches your needs.  Check out our specific programs to see which one would fit for you.

Coaching Types

One-on-One – This private coaching program is best for individuals who want the most personalized attention.

Small Group Coaching – Small Group Coaching is best suited to groups or teams where multiple people can simultaneously work on improving their communication skills.

Lightning Rounds – 20-minute, individual sessions that provide quick, personalized feedback and coaching to a large number of people.

Speaking Engagements and Interactive Workshops – Speaking on topics ranging from executive presence to networking to intergenerational communication, Monisha provides thought-provoking and interactive talks.

Interested in a tailored plan? Contact Us to set up a tailored coaching plan for your business.