About Dynamic Speaking

About Monisha

Monisha Toteja has over 17 years of professional experience and possesses a solid background in strategic thinking and structured communication. Monisha has worked with the private, public and nonprofit sectors, and has assisted a wide variety of professionals in improving their executive presence, communicating through difficult situations, creating a pitch for potential clients and investors, engaging key stakeholders and boosting their overall communication skills.

Monisha holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, an MA in International Studies from The Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in German Studies from Duke University. She speaks German fluently, Hindi conversationally and has a basic knowledge of Spanish. Monisha also teaches communication at The Wharton School and is a Member of the Forbes Coaches Council..

The Dynamic Speaking Story

After years of living and working in different industries and various parts of the world, I realized that I kept seeing the same problem creep up: I worked with incredibly smart people who quickly grasped data and analysis, but when it came to communicating with other people – the Board of Directors, C-suite, team members or stakeholders – they struggled to find the right words, tone, emotion or style to connect with and motivate their audience. As a result, brilliant ideas were often cast aside in favor of a less good option that was easier to understand.

As a strategy consultant, I grew frustrated with seeing great ideas thrown away. So, I started coaching my clients through the process of building consensus, garnering buy-in and pitching a service. I discovered that most people never stopped to think about how their communication was being perceived from the other side. But after coaching, they began to understand how they could adapt their communication style to get the results they were looking for.

I started Dynamic Speaking to help sharp, ambitious, driven individuals get their message across. Too many people suffer from anxiety, nervousness and low self-confidence at the thought of speaking up in a meeting or presenting to a group. And those who have the confidence often do not have the structure or techniques to effectively reach their audience.

Charisma, presence and dynamic speaking skills are often thought to be inherent traits, but that is simply not true. Effective communication is a learned skill set that anyone can grasp – your success simply hinges on your willingness to try.